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Meet the

team behind D&J Contractor Marketing

D&J Contractor Marketing started with two friends who met in their freshman year at Providence College, curious to learn but also to put this newfound knowledge to use. The two of us began to work in jobs heavily involved in marketing and found a passion for it, learning to navigate the business world after the Covid-19 pandemic. With prior entrepreneurial ventures and the mindset to pursue new ones, we began to meet regularly by senior year to discuss new ideas, the many changes in the ways businesses operate, especially in their marketing.  By the end of 2023 the idea for D&J Contractor Marketing became our sole focus. After speaking with numerous contractors in various fields, ranging from franchised companies to independent contractors, we found a need. The marketing available for contractors lacks the transparency (rephrase) to see results, it is constantly changing, and the services available are often costly and lack personalization. We wanted to change this, making our company’s services readily available for those who can benefit from it, in a way that truly helps businesses grow.  As 2024 arrived, we began our work and further connected ourselves with many local businesses within the Rhode Island community and surrounding states. The results became apparent as we were able to increase leads, strengthen reputations, and improve the overall appearance of these businesses within a few weeks. It has become our goal to help as many people as possible, offering what we have learned to assist with the most current knowledge.

Meet The Team

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